Mixproof Valve Manifolds

We offer multi-function automated mixproof valve manifold systems and auxiliary components which allow you to simultaneously route multiple ingredients, and or cleaning streams to multiple destinations through a single assembly. This high-performance technology eliminates the risk of cross-contamination and protects against harmful microorganisms, while maximizing plant production time, safety, and flexibility, making them ideal for large-scale food and beverage production and other aseptic facilities.



Mixproof valves are an optimal fit for many applications such as:

  • Fluid tanker receiving and cleaning
  • Transfer to storage
  • Raw and pasteurized product routing
  • Fluid-based to sugar-based liquids routing
  • Product types from wine to baby food
  • High-temperature, short-time systems
  • Extended shelf life systems
  • Hygienic, ultra-clean and aseptic systems
  • Tank and line Clean-In-Place (CIP) systems

Maximizing production

Widely billed as the "traffic cops" of the processing industry, mixproof valve manifolds efficiently route multiple ingredients/products and cleaning streams through the process lines without the risk of cross contamination. These computer-controlled automated routing systems allow processors to move from batch production to continuous processing by providing the ability to simultaneously fill one tank while emptying another, and cleaning a third. Dozens of valves can be operated through a single valve manifold, maximizing production time and preventing downtime.


Unlike traditional valves, mixproof valves have two independent plug seals which enable fluid separation. If there is a leak, the valves force the liquid into a separate leakage chamber allowing for easy detection and preventing cross contamination. The automated routing ensures that incompatible "enemy" fluids do not come into contact during changeovers and there is no risk of mixing fluids in the event of a pressure shock.

Automated valves eliminate the need for swing connections and facilitate faster changeovers, easier product to product transition, and faster product to CIP transitions. Eliminating swing connections also eliminates drip points and minimizes product waste. Correspondingly, automation reduces production accidents, safety hazards and human error, improving the safety of the plant and the product. Automated mixproof valve manifolds protect product integrity and allow you to track and record your regulatory compliance.

Cost savings

Mixproof valve technology can replace two or more valves of other types. This reduces maintenance costs and space requirements. Mixproof valves increase production time without the need for adding additional processing or filling equipment.

This technology:

  • Reduces plant energy consumption
  • Allows for shorter fluid paths and smaller equipment footprints
  • Requires fewer connections between pipes which reduces the risk of leaks
  • Reduces installation costs due to simpler layouts
  • Offer spillage-free operation
  • Allows product to be flushed to the destination thereby reducing waste


This technology offers the ultimate in flexibility. Each system is custom-designed for your unique requirements. Our automated skidded systems can be designed to fit into small footprints and integrated into existing systems.


Mixproof valves are valued for their long product life span, availability of spare parts and ease of maintenance. Total cost of ownership is lower than traditional valves and the systems are easy to access and maintain.

Equipment and system design

BMI offers solutions and is your single source of accountability for performance, schedule, and budget. Your system will be designed to fit your unique requirements and custom built for easy integration into your new or legacy system.

Selecting the most appropriate valve technology depends on the nature of the product. Our engineers ensure that your system:

  • Provides required safety level for your product
  • Enables efficient plant operations and performance
  • Contributes to the low total cost of ownership

Equipment selection is essential to the design and efficient operation of a process system. BMI's engineering team continually audits product offerings to stay at the forefront of new technologies to select the best valves for your production requirements. We work with many manufacturers, including but not limited to:

  • Alfa Laval
  • Burkert
  • GEA

Our services include:

  • Project Management
  • Preliminary design
  • Equipment selection
  • Final engineering and design
  • Automated control system engineering, installation, project management, commissioning and validation
  • Functional industrial network architecture design
  • 3D modeling and BIM
  • Fabrication of manifolds
  • System installation, piping and connectivity
  • Electrical system engineering and electrical installation management
  • Testing
  • Commissioning
  • Training

The benefits of pre-fabrication

The main benefit to you is the increased speed of implementation. We design, fabricate and pre-test process and utility skids in our fabrication shop which minimizes plant disruption. This leads to an expedited project timeline and lower overall project costs.

We put safety first

At BMI we know putting safety first protects our employees and customers, while improving our productivity, competitiveness, and profitability. We incorporate food safety into our process designs and worker safety is a continuous effort overseen by our safety management team. In addition to the financial benefits and increased productivity, the minimization of on-the-job injuries results in a bigger payoff - our employees' ingrained commitment to food and jobsite safety.

We have an extensive safety program and an outstanding safety record

Our systems adhere to 3-A sanitary design, FDA, FSMA, USDA, ASME, OSHA and UL regulations. Our project managers and foremen are OSHA 30 certified and conduct daily job hazard analysis (JHA), job safety analysis (JSA) meetings, and weekly team safety meetings. Our skilled journeymen are OSHA 10 certified and trained to adhere to our high safety standards.

Our proactive approach is reflected in our outstanding safety record. In our more than 40 years of operation, our .66 experience modification rate (EMR) has consistently surpassed the industry average of 1.0.

You know your products. We know process

BMI is an industry leading full-service design-build company specializing in next generation solutions for the food, beverage, specialty process, and other sanitary industries. Since 1980, our team of design engineers, automation and controls engineers, project managers and expert installers provide unsurpassed value and results. Regardless of the scale or complexity of the project, we deliver the right technology and automation solutions for high-performance sanitary processing and production. BMI is headquartered in Northern California and operates throughout the United States. BMI is an American-owned and privately held company.

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