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Barnum Mechanical Inc. Offers Comprehensive Services for Process Engineering, Installation, Custom Fabrication, and More


Design-Build and Turnkey Systems

Barnum Mechanical Inc. (BMI) specializes in design-build next generation sanitary process solutions for the food, beverage, specialty process, and geothermal industries. Our team of engineers, project managers, and installation crews provides turnkey solutions and exceptional craftsmanship. Our design-build process allows the entire project team to work on different parts of the process in parallel providing cost-effective engineering and construction while bringing your process online faster and at a lower cost.


Sanitary Process Engineering

Since 1980, our experienced chemical, mechanical and electrical process engineers have designed hundreds of innovative, efficient and sustainable process solutions.  They have the expertise to tackle challenging design requirements imposed by uncompromising industry standards for sanitization, safety, and production.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Sanitary process systems
  • Utility support systems
  • Automated control systems
  • Sanitary piping and welding
  • Cross-platform and cross-industry solutions
  • Equipment sizing and selection
  • Custom fabrication
  • Modular and mobile skidded systems
  • Energy and water conservation and recovery systems
  • System efficiency and optimization
  • System audits and troubleshooting

Automated Control Systems

BMI designs, builds, and installs scan-driven process control and automation architectures for production facilities. We combine market-leading software and hardware with our process expertise, to provide the best solution for your application. Our Systems Automation Engineering team provides:

  • Electrical and control system engineering, installation, management, commissioning and validation
  • Application-specific industrial Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems
  • Electrical system design engineering
  • Control hardware specification and procurement
Automated Control Systems - Barnum Mechanical Inc.
  • Functional industrial network architecture design
  • PLC / PAC ladder, structured text, and function block programming
  • ENET/IP, CNET, DNET, AS-I, ModBus, and MQTT protocols supported
  • Standalone skid mounted and distributed control systems
  • Fully documented PLC programming, graphical Human to Machine Interface (HMI), and SCADA application development
  • On-site customer training
  • Post installation remote and onsite controls support
  • Production/CIP report development
  • Process alarm management
Project Management

Project Management

Our project management services begin with conceptualization and continue through formal turnover and system acceptance. A dedicated project manager and process engineer will work with you to initiate, plan, execute, control, and successfully complete your project. The project manager will oversee the sanitary process and utilities installation to ensure the highest quality workmanship is delivered on schedule and that design and regulatory standards including 3-A, ASME, FDA, OSHA, UL, and USDA are met or exceeded.

CAD, 3D Modeling, and BIM Design Services

BMI engineers and process designers develop P&ID drawings, process flow diagrams, 3D models, Building Information Modeling (BIM), and electrical wiring diagrams using cutting-edge design tools such as Autodesk Inventor, Revit, and AutoCAD Plant 3D. Our designers use these collaborative tools to ensure design clarity, prevent collisions and improve project communication. Whether you need a new process system design and/or as-built drawings for a legacy system, BMI will deliver.

CAD, 3D Modeling
Troubleshooting and System Optimization

Troubleshooting and System Optimization

BMI provides comprehensive maintenance, troubleshooting, and process support services including:

  • System efficiency and workflow optimization
  • System and component maintenance
  • Piping, tank, and equipment repairs
  • Component replacement and upgrades
  • PLC /PAC programming, troubleshooting, and optimization
  • HMI / SCADA application development and modernization
  • Legacy system integration and expansion
  • Utility support integration
  • Specialty tooling
  • Custom fabrication
  • Reliability audits
  • Testing and validation
  • As-built drawings
  • Redundancy recommendations
  • Waste water management recommendations
  • Energy recovery recommendations
Process and Utility Piping Services

Process and Utility Piping

From small installations requiring a single welder, to jobs requiring more than 100 journeymen, BMI will deliver the highest quality piping, while meeting sanitary design standards and safety regulations.

If complications arise, our installation crews are supported by experienced project managers and engineers who will quickly provide solutions and keep the installation on schedule.

BMI has a proven track record of superior installations, and we are often called in to repair work performed by other contractors. We don’t cut corners on piping installation or any other aspect of the process. We do it right the first time.

Our installation teams provide:

  • 3-A sanitary process and utility piping
  • X-ray quality welding and pipe fitting
  • Automated orbital welding
  • Retrofits, upgrades, and system expansions
  • Confined space services
  • Equipment specification
  • Custom fabrication of parts and components
Process and Utility Piping

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Custom Shop Fabrication

Our shop-fabricated process systems include utility support systems and components which are custom designed, fabricated, and configured to meet your unique requirements.

Fabrication of structural platforms and modular skidded process systems in our controlled environment reduces labor cost and production downtime. Our systems adhere to 3-A sanitary design and ASME, FDA, OSHA, UL, and USDA regulatory standards.

BMI fabrication services include:

  • Modular, mobile and integrated skids
  • Complete design and process engineering including electrical, control instrumentation, programming, and fabrication and utility drawings
  • Precision fabrication, including all elements necessary to integrate as a system component or operate as a stand-alone unit
  • PLC / PAC programming and testing
  • HMI / SCADA application development and testing
  • Factory testing, including Factory Acceptance Test (FAT)
  • Start-up services and training to ensure proper operation and maintenance
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