J. J. Pfister Distilling Company Sacramento, CA

New organic distillery

• Designed, engineered, and installed new organic distilling production system, process piping, utilities, and equipment, including steam and condensate supply and return, glycol distribution, compressed air distribution, and filtered process water

• Designed and managed installation of electrical infrastructures for process equipment

• Designed, installed, and commissioned controls instrumentation for temperature control of mash, fermentation, and distilling processes


“We at J.J. Pfister appreciate the help Barnum Mechanical has provided us in our organic distillery in Sacramento, CA. They have helped us from the inception of our company and did a superb job with our process engineering needs.  A distillery is a complex manufacturing plant and the craftsmanship and problem solving were greatly appreciated.  We had an issue with a purchased part that the manufacturer could not solve but Barnum Mechanical did!”

Kevin Keck, Owner