Food and Beverage Markets

Specialized Solutions for the Food and Beverage Markets

We understand the Food and Beverage industries have unique needs and challenges.

From distilled spirits to baked goods - we do it all. Regardless of the scale or complexity of the project, we deliver the right technology and automation solutions for high-performance sanitary processing and production


A Few of Our Customers


BMI’s dedicated team of brewery engineers combine their knowledge of brewing science and process design to provide state-of-the-art brewing systems for small to large breweries. We partner with brewery owners, architects, and equipment manufacturers to design the most efficient brew house possible. Our superior craftsmen take pride in building showcase installations. We love beer!


BMI has designed and installed sanitary process systems for all phases of wine production, including transfer systems, utility support systems and automated control systems. Hundreds of our patented heavy-duty racking arms are currently in service throughout the industry.

Distilled Spirits

BMI works with large and small distillers to design and install innovative distillation production facilities. Our knowledge of Class I – Division 1 & 2 regulations and process methodology makes BMI the right partner for you.


BMI designs, fabricates, and installs automated beverage process systems which communicate in real time with equipment, instrumentation, and utility support systems to improve yields, efficiencies, quality, and sustainability. Our systems are in use throughout the industry for carbonated beverages, bottled water, juices, tea, coffee and energy drinks.

Edible Oils

BMI collaborates with industry leaders to bring cutting edge process technology to edible oil production facilities. We constantly work toward industry advancements through our seat on the board of the California Olive Oil Council, and our joint projects with the UC Davis Olive Center and Cargill.

Dairy Processing

BMI has broad experience in designing and installing 304 and 316L sanitary stainless-steel process, CIP, and utility support systems for milk, butter, cheese, whey, yogurt, specialty drinks, milk powders and ice cream.

Tomato Processing

The seasonal processing of tomatoes requires primary and secondary process systems to perform at full capacity through the short and demanding production schedule. Off-season modifications, upgrades, and maintenance are performed with the goal of trouble-free and efficient processing. BMI has the right team and a proven track record for providing innovative solutions to meet these goals.

Snack Foods

Snack processors rely on dependable equipment to provide fresh daily production. Modular solutions for ingredient handling, CIP, and process water treatment are just a few of the systems which we can fabricate off-site to reduce the impact on daily operations. We also design and install automated control systems to ensure process efficiency.


Unlike other process systems, confectionary production requires a unique approach and scope of work. Bulk ingredients, controlled environments, and specialty equipment are common components in sweetened, baked, or frozen confections. Our experienced team will address these challenges and provide reliable systems which produce consistent products. We love sweets!

Alternative Proteins

Processors are using alternative proteins such as insects, plant-based, cell-based and even those created from CO2 molecules. It takes real commitment to turn a new idea into a commercially viable product and it is even more difficult to do it while conserving natural resources. We can help bring your ideas to fruition with our innovative sustainable solutions. Help the environment and help your bottom line.

Food Supplements & Nutraceuticals

BMI works with you to meet the unique goals of your project—from the simplest to the most complex challenges. Whether you are creating plant-based concentrates or creating biologically active phytochemicals, we can help. Our expert team will design a process system which will save you time and money.

Cannabis & CBD

BMI can help you navigate the ever-changing regulatory environment and ensure compliance. If you are building a new process system or expanding an existing system for edibles, beverages, supplements, nutraceuticals, or infused products, we can help bring your new product to market.

Resource Recovery & Reuse

Water and energy are precious resources and a major expense for processors. BMI teams up with equipment manufacturers to treat and reuse water for chilling, steam production and CIP. We install innovative solutions for recovering and reusing energy such as creating biogas for heat production and using waste heat to create steam-generated electricity. These, and other sustainable solutions will positively impact your bottom line.

Custom Process Solutions

BMI teams up with innovative processors to bring new process technologies to fruition. Trying something which has never been done? We will do more than cheer you on. We will help design, fabricate, and install your first of its kind solution.