Sanitary Process Engineering

Industry Leaders in Sanitary Process Engineering Solutions

Since 1980, our team of chemical, mechanical and electrical process engineers have designed hundreds of innovative, efficient and sustainable process and utility support solutions for food, beverage and other sanitary applications. Our experienced team of engineers, project managers, and installation crews provide turnkey solutions and exceptional craftsmanship.

Our efficient process systems allow you to maximize yields and ensure product consistency. Our collaborative design-build process allows the project team to work on different parts of the process in parallel, providing cost-effective engineering and construction, while bringing your process online faster and at a lower cost.

Our work begins with conceptualization and continues through formal turnover and system acceptance. We partner with our customers to maximize process performance and deliver measurable improvements in yields, quality, efficiency, resource conservation, product safety, and plant sustainability.

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Key Components of Our Sanitary Process Engineering Services

  • Conceptual design and process development
  • Process plant design / greenfield /brownfield / upgrades / expansions
  • Process and utilities design engineering
  • Fluid dynamic calculations
  • Thermodynamic calculations
  • Mass balances
  • Utility load calculations
  • Automated control systems, controls engineering, programming, installation, and validation
  • SCADA Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition implementation
  • Process electrical design and electrical installation management
  • Network and server specification, design, and integration
  • Project management and field management
  • Process electrical design and installation management
  • Complete 3D CAD, BIM, P&IDs, block diagrams, process flow diagrams and layout drawings
  • Sanitary process piping design and installation
  • Utility support system design and installation
  • Process integration into legacy systems
  • Equipment sizing, specification and procurement
  • Modular, portable, skidded systems
  • System validation and startup support services
  • Sanitary process systems
  • Process utility support systems
  • Automated control systems
  • Process electrical design and installation management
  • PLC programming
  • SCADA development
  • Network implementation
  • Sanitary piping and welding
  • Energy and water conservation, and energy recovery systems
  • Raw, wet, dry and powder bulk ingredient handling, storage, and distribution
  • Batching and blending systems
  • Blend manifolds
  • Transfer piping with flow panels
  • Finished product storage and transfer to filling
  • Complex valve manifolds
  • Mixproof valve assemblies
  • Bioreactors
  • Fermenters
  • Thermal process and pasteurization systems
  • Hydration systems
  • Clean-in-Place (CIP) systems
  • Clean-out-of-place (COP) systems
  • Sanitization/foam/rinse systems
  • Hot water support systems
  • Sanitary air systems
  • Steam/condensate distribution systems
  • Compressed air systems
  • N₂, Co₂, Glycol and chemical systems
  • Water treatment systems
  • Facility and process layout, coordination with Architects/GC/other MEPs
  • Custom skids
  • Custom fabrication

Resource Recovery and Reuse

Water and energy are precious resources and a major expense for processors. BMI collaborates with equipment manufacturers to conserve water and energy, utilizing solutions like water treatment, biogas production, and waste heat utilization. These sustainable practices deliver cost savings and environmental benefits for your operation.

Ready For Your Next Project

Venturing into uncharted territory? We offer comprehensive support to design, fabricate, test, and install your groundbreaking ideas. Our innovative and sustainable solutions can bring your vision to life while conserving resources.

See What People Are Saying

Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. has had the privilege of working with Tom Barnum and the talented crew at Barnum Mechanical for over 35 years. They were a valuable partner during several major expansions at our Chico, CA brewery, and have worked on a wide range of other projects over the years. Barnum Mechanical also played a significant role in the design and construction of our North Carolina greenfield brewery, from CAD and engineering help during the design phase to mobilizing a large field crew to assist in equipment installation and process piping.

They bring a high level of knowledge and understanding of food and beverage processing equipment, sanitary process design, and are competent in complex matrix piping and valve technology. Their attention to detail, stellar workmanship and artesian approach to design and installation continues to deliver value long after they have left the jobsite.

Ken Grossman

Founder of the Sierra Nevada Brewing Company

Are You Ready to Transform Your Facility?

We will help design, fabricate, test, and install your first of its kind solution. It takes real commitment to turn a new idea into a commercially viable product and it is even more difficult to do it while conserving natural resources. We can help bring your ideas to fruition with our innovative and sustainable solutions.