Kite Hill Hayward, CA

Almond-based cream cheese production facility

  • Designed, engineered, integrated, and installed new almond cream cheese line into an existing plant, including mixproof valve manifolds, fermentation batching system, inline gum injection, sanitary product transfer piping and electrical to a high shear mixing system, ribbon blenders, and transfer piping, and electrical to a new filler
  • Designed, engineered, integrated, and installed fully automated treated process water system including pre-filtration, carbon filtration, holding tank, UV-light system, and distribution piping to existing almond milk and cream cheese processing lines
  • Designed and installed circulated hot water system to control temperature in fermentation batch tanks
  • Designed, engineered, and installed process and utility support systems
  • Enhanced existing thermal process heat exchanger to improve sanitation by modifying and tuning existing control programs
  • Engineered and installed electrical system to support motor control, PLC, and distributed IO panels for upgraded almond milk fermentation process