Wildbrine Santa Rosa, California

New plant-based foods processing facility

Barnum Mechanical Inc. (BMI) worked with Wildbrine to design and install a new process system to produce cashew-based cheeses and butter products. In addition to the innovative process system, BMI designed and installed the process controls automation and the utility support systems.


“We worked with Barnum Mechanical to build our end-to-end production and sanitation process for our new plant-based creamery. I was impressed with their engineering expertise in designing our process, but I was even more impressed with their willingness to make changes and evolve the process as we learned. We ended up creating a system that will allow us to grow in the future. They helped us identify what we needed to do today to plan for that future expansion. They worked hard to ensure we stayed within our budget and still got the system we needed.”

Mary Doan, General Manager