Safety Measures

Safety is at the Core of Everything We Do

At Barnum Mechanical Inc. (BMI) we know putting safety first protects our employees and customers, while improving our productivity, competitiveness and profitability.

We incorporate food safety into our process designs and worker safety is a continuous effort overseen by our Safety Management team.  In addition to the financial benefits and increased productivity the minimization of on-the-job injuries results in a bigger payoff – our employees’ ingrained commitment to food and jobsite safety.

Certified for Safety

  • Project Managers and Foremen are OSHA 30 certified and conduct weekly (or daily) team safety meetings
  • Skilled Journeymen are OSHA 10 certified or trained to adhere to our high safety standards

Our proactive approach is reflected in our outstanding safety record. In the 40 years of operation our .66 experience modification rate (EMR) has consistently surpassed the industry average of 1.0.


We are proud to have an A-rating with ISNetworld.